my fotographic infancy

hello you,

first of all- a little history. that should be read “a little history” because that’s the only size history i have. i began shooting in april of this year. obviously, it wasn’t the first time i picked up a camera. i used to play around with an old olympus film camera when i was 14ish. i’ve also shot with point and shoots. but the feeling that i was making a foto was never there. the desire to get closer to my subject, to find that angle that tells a different story was never present in my snap shots. everything changed in april.

i took this foto of my daughter and realized that there was something different about it-it told a story i will never forget. 

my infancy began. 

until this day, i am still shooting with what many pro fotogs would chuckle at: and old canon powershot s90 and my mobile device. but chuckle or no chuckle, i am making fotos that i care about and that others care about as well. 

sure, i won’t be able to remain an infant forever, but infancy is bliss and my creativity feels unencumbered by experience (that is a whole topic in itself).

so, to whoever you are, bear with me. we will find out more about ourselves together. 


log: fifteen. eight. sixteen. havot yair, israel