to barefoot

being the answer to the question, “to barefoot or not to barefoot?”



hello you,

here i am, and i have just finished a little run. a see running as a clearing of toxins. toxins like, “what i am i going to do with my kids tomorrow?” or “how am i going to manage at my new job?” or even the regretful toxins that question and re-question every action you’ve done that day/week/year/etc. etc.

anyways…barefoot. this is how i love to run if i can. but because i don’t want a piece of glass ruining my day, i wear minimalist sandals most of the time. i prefer xero shoes myself, but there are a slough of other companies out there (none of which have the awesome and down-to-god-given-earth ceo that they do though). don’t worry though, i am way past the preachy stage of barefoot running. i run this way because it is the only way i can run without suffering from knee pain. and that is enough reason for me. honestly, if my knees would have never started acting up, i probably wouldn’t have discovered this style of running.



in addition, a thought provoking joy of going bare or minimally shod boils down to another thing i love: contrast. i really do love contrast!  i suppose that is why i am so intrigued by b&w fotography. i love the dichotomy of light and dark, the push and pull of natural enemies. each foto expresses its own violence (in the romantic sense of the word)- like the tide as it pulls out. barefoot for me is the ultimate contrast between human and earth with the least amount of interference. whether we realize it or not, our very bodies have adapted to this eternal battle against the gravitational pull of our planet. our very existence is rooted in this violence, this contrast.





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