i am daddy


hello you,

summertime. here in israel that means three and a half weeks that parents need to find a way to keep their kids busy. in my case, that means i am a full time daddy for that period of time. as far as fotography goes, i have the opportunity to document my children’s lives as they unfold in front of me. i can think of no greater pleasure. but, before i touch on that subject any further, a little background.

i grew up in a traditional household. my father worked and my stay-at-home mother took care of us. this is how i always imagined raising a family would be like for me as well. it was a model that worked and narrow-mindedly made that the only viable option for me, psychologically speaking. as it turns out, life is more dynamic than that and this style of family didn’t become my current reality.


i am an educator, teacher as it was. i teach english both privately and publicly. therefore, i am the primary caretaker of my children most of the time. i have become what my mother was to me. wrapping my head around this idea was difficult at the beginning. i wrongly thought i had failed as a husband and father. i hadn’t become the bread-winner i always thought i would be. i would refer to myself as the “mommy” of the family because this is a position that was stored away in my conscious as belonging to the female sex. i was wrong, of course.


today, i view things much differently. i am daddy. there is no other name for it and the position is just as real and fulfilling for me as i imagine it was for my mother. it is an idea that is fully mine. even as i write this, my ownership of it only strengthens.

so how is all this connected to my fotography? that’s easy. i have the daily opportunity to catch moments of joy, sadness, fear, love, etc. as they flash across my children’s faces. these candid snapshots capture moments that will never return- both for me and for them. i hope one day to create a family foto book that will tell the story of my children’s youth. maybe it will help answer questions in the future. or perhaps it will create some. we’ll see.


so to you, daddy or mommy, don’t miss out. live every moment you can with your children and remember that fotography is one of the only weapons we have against the fleetingness of time.



(side note: none of these fotos are taken on professional equipment. a simple point-and-shoot or a modern day mobile device are more than sufficient. i use what i have and make it work for me. i think ansel adams said something like, “the most important part in fotography is the twenty inches behind the camera.”)

log: twenty-one. eight. sixteen. havot yair, israel. 


to barefoot

being the answer to the question, “to barefoot or not to barefoot?”



hello you,

here i am, and i have just finished a little run. a see running as a clearing of toxins. toxins like, “what i am i going to do with my kids tomorrow?” or “how am i going to manage at my new job?” or even the regretful toxins that question and re-question every action you’ve done that day/week/year/etc. etc.

anyways…barefoot. this is how i love to run if i can. but because i don’t want a piece of glass ruining my day, i wear minimalist sandals most of the time. i prefer xero shoes myself, but there are a slough of other companies out there (none of which have the awesome and down-to-god-given-earth ceo that they do though). don’t worry though, i am way past the preachy stage of barefoot running. i run this way because it is the only way i can run without suffering from knee pain. and that is enough reason for me. honestly, if my knees would have never started acting up, i probably wouldn’t have discovered this style of running.



in addition, a thought provoking joy of going bare or minimally shod boils down to another thing i love: contrast. i really do love contrast!  i suppose that is why i am so intrigued by b&w fotography. i love the dichotomy of light and dark, the push and pull of natural enemies. each foto expresses its own violence (in the romantic sense of the word)- like the tide as it pulls out. barefoot for me is the ultimate contrast between human and earth with the least amount of interference. whether we realize it or not, our very bodies have adapted to this eternal battle against the gravitational pull of our planet. our very existence is rooted in this violence, this contrast.





log: seventeen. eight. sixteen., havot yair, israel



my fotographic infancy

hello you,

first of all- a little history. that should be read “a little history” because that’s the only size history i have. i began shooting in april of this year. obviously, it wasn’t the first time i picked up a camera. i used to play around with an old olympus film camera when i was 14ish. i’ve also shot with point and shoots. but the feeling that i was making a foto was never there. the desire to get closer to my subject, to find that angle that tells a different story was never present in my snap shots. everything changed in april.

i took this foto of my daughter and realized that there was something different about it-it told a story i will never forget. 

my infancy began. 

until this day, i am still shooting with what many pro fotogs would chuckle at: and old canon powershot s90 and my mobile device. but chuckle or no chuckle, i am making fotos that i care about and that others care about as well. 

sure, i won’t be able to remain an infant forever, but infancy is bliss and my creativity feels unencumbered by experience (that is a whole topic in itself).

so, to whoever you are, bear with me. we will find out more about ourselves together. 


log: fifteen. eight. sixteen. havot yair, israel

moses moses goose

unknown headless man. hertzelia beach, summer ’16

hello you,

my name is irrelevant and somewhat obvious. i need an outlet for my thoughts and my photography. behold! moses moses goose is born! although i hope to share my personal thoughts on photography, similar to the classic children’s game ‘duck duck goose’, this journal will also contain the rare, exciting goose. perhaps it will be political. perhaps spiritual. who the F knows? (still debating whether to write ‘fuck’- a word i am quite fond of when used modestly).

in any case, whoever you are, this blog is for me. a memorial to my insanity.

it is time to own myself.



log: fifteen. eight. sixteen, havot yair, israel